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If you have done some web searches for those hard to find event tickets, you would have noticed that almost all the sites have the same exact seats—just different prices. Once you are ready to make the purchase, you realize that the sites charge you a “Service Fee”—again varies from site to site. Even if the service charge was more, was the base price less? Furthermore since all the sites have different navigation, the whole process of going through comparisons can be quite painful. While browsing through all the sites did you note down the prices and service charges for each of them? Remembered to book mark that site? Are we doing HOMEWORK here? Frustrating!

IXS.NET offers an alternative to searching through scores of sites for event tickets, while trying to get the lowest prices. You get seats and prices from all the “distinct” vendors(i.e. not sites working off the same database). In one convenient location. You can tell upfront the service charge, for a true apples to apples comparison.

We pride ourselves on being unbiased—and if you find cheaper tickets ANYPLACE else, let us know and we will most likely add them to our comparison engine. We even save you the time of wading the navigation of all the site and take you to the page where you can just buy the tickets.

Constructive Feedback is always appreciated