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Set up in 1985, in collaboration with AGV Helmets – the Italy-based helmet manufacturer- AGV Sports has come a long way since. The company now designs, manufactures and sells innovative motorcycle gear. AGV Sports’ dedication to providing customers with superior quality products has helped it build a strong reputation in the world of leather motorcycle goods. The company uses innovative techniques, combined with the finest quality materials to create motorcyclists’ gear.

Thanks to the remarkable quality of its products and a hassle-free service, AGV Sports has been represented by various renowned motorcyclists such as Randy Mamola, Pascal Picott, Eric Bostrom, Troy Bayliss and Aaron Yates, along with the seven time AMA Superbike champion Mat Mladin.

Customized AGV Equipment

Going a step further, AGV offers unique ‘made to measure’ leather motorcycle racing suits as well. This is to ensure that every rider wears their exact size and gets the maximum amount of comfort and protection. To create their own custom motorcycle riding suit, riders can choose from a variety of materials, colors, designs and more.

Features of AGV Clothing

To set itself apart from its competitors, AGV employs fine and unique features in its clothing. Following are some of these:

High-end safety seam construction – Quadruple stitching in certain areas prevents bursts due to scratches and abrasions

Multi-density CE armor in certain areas – The shoulders, knees and arms have removable armor

Aerodynamic speed hump – add extra padding

Washable mesh liner – can be removed and replaced

AGV Sports at Maximo Moto

Maximo Moto offers a huge variety of AGV Sports’ motorcycle gear and accessories. Each product is designed to give the rider maximum protection, flexibility and durability.

You can get the following AGV Sports products at Maximo Moto:

  • Racing suits
  • Leather jackets
  • Racing boots
  • Racing pants
  • Shin plates
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Ankle support
  • Racing gloves
  • Protective armor

All these products are available in different styles and materials at Maximo Moto’s online store, with amazing discounts and the best value for your money.

AGV Sports Reviews

To read customers’ genuine comments on AGV Sports’ products available at Maximo Moto, you should look into the reviews given by them and various other sports gurus and magazines. For instance here is what one magazine had to say about the Breeze leather jacket:

“The outstanding quality of construction of the AGV Sport Breeze is indisputable!”

Scoot! Magazine added a bit about the telluride gloves, “The overall construction of the glove is impressive….they are worth every penny….”

And City Bike Magazine mentioned the Voyager Gloves in the following words,

“I have worn them in pouring thunderstorms, hail and snow. My hands have stayed dry and warm. You could not ask more from a glove at this price point.”

About the Kevlar Pants, MotoUSA said,

“After a summer’s worth of abuse, the Assault pants have passed the tests – rugged, durable, stylish, with plenty of pocket space. And they passed the crash test – all for $99 bucks!”

And for the Element Jacket, the added,

“ The Element is a stylish a subtle blend of old and new, with just enough modern features to bring it up to modern specifications for motorcycle riding with most of the safety features modern motorcyclists demand.”

Numerous such reviews exist on a lot of feedback forums for motorcyclists. If you are looking for the most candid answers and opinions regarding AGV products, these are the places you need to check for AGVSports reviews.


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